Dr. Stewart shares his clinical and biochemical experience to guide practitioners through the treatment of those with mutations that hinder the body's methyation process.

In this 30 minute webinar with Dr. Stewart we will discuss ten key topics often asked by practitioners:
  • What to do when you have a MTHFR genetic mutation
  • The 7 steps of the enzyme pathway that you have to pay attention to
  • What genetic SNPs should you pay attention to and what should you focus on first with treatment
  • How do you treat someone who does not have a MTHFR but is showing signs of a methylation deficiency
  • Why a FOLR 1, 2 and 3 mutation is just as important as a MTHFR
  • How do you treat someone who only has there MTHFR test results
  • When is the need for methylated vitamins more prominent in life
  • Treatment protocols with nutrition and symptoms a person may experience in the beginning
  • How to treat someone with symptoms but do not have genetic testing results
  • Gluathione SNPs that can help you guide a patient
For more lectures, webinars and articles by Dr. Stewart please email info@neurobiologix.com or visit www.DrNeurobiologix.com

Episode on Season 2 of Coffee With Dr. Stewart radio.  Dr. Stewart shares with us how the gut and brain function and how they may affect each other.

Dr. Stewart will discuss in this episode the definition of ADD and ADHD and his thoughts around the growing number of children being diagnosed.  He will also discuss why these children have ADD and how parents can go a more natural route to support their children or themselves with focus and concentration issues.

Dr. Stewart also discusses how he helps his patients slowly omit prescription medications they are currently taking and what long term side effects there are to taking these types of ADD medications.
For product recommendations for focus and concentration please visit www.neurobiologix.com or call (866)500-5388.

Dr. Stewart discusses in the final episode of 2014 types of genetic testing and mutations and what they mean to you and your family.

He gives his personal knowledge and insight into:

-Pharmaco Genetic testing for prescription drugs.  How they can help you choose the right drug per your genetics.
     *Cheek swab, saliva or blood tests (ID Genetix, 23 and me and Livewell.com)
-What is a genetic mutation/polymorphism and what mutations you should and should not be concerned with
-How to choose the appropriate nutritional products based upon your genetic mutations
     *MTHFR Mutations (C677, 1298) Key To Methylation
     *MTRR Mutations
     *COMT Mutation related to anxiety and depression (3 forms)
     *MAO Mutation
     *CBS Mutation
     *SOD Mutation (mitochondria and chemical issue)
-Why you need a professional to interpret and correlate you genetic results
-Where to begin with a nutritional program and why genetic testing can be the link to the right nutritional products for you
-Dr. Stewart's protocol for mutations

Dr. Stewart discusses why so many of us are having sleep troubles today.  He goes over the importance of the SLEEP CYCLE and good sleep hygeine but also discusses the importance of the WAKE CYCLE and how the brain shuts down to sleep.

He discusses the following that are important to sleep:
For more information on nutritional products that may help with sleep support please visit www.neurobiologix.com or call (866)500-5388, Monday thru Friday, 9am to 5pm CST.

Dr. Stewart discusses the biochemistry behind why someone may suffer from headaches and migraines.  Many times it may be linked to a methylation deficiency, hormonal imbalance, food sensitivities, allergies, post concussion and other genetic factors.

For all episodes of Coffee With Dr. Stewart visit www.coffeewithdrstewart.com

Dr. Stewart discusses why methylation is a necessity for human health.  For all episodes of Coffee With Dr. Stewart visit www.coffeewithdrstewart.com

Neurobiologix presents a new radio show, Coffee With Dr. Stewart.  This show will provide our listeners with up-to-date medical information from a leading neurotologist and neuro-immune specialist. Visit www.coffeewithdrstewart.com

ADD / ADHD - 18 Episodes Now Available to listen at any time!

Migraines & Headaches Anxiety & DepressionHormones & Lab WorkDizziness & VertigoPost-ConcussionSleep IssuesFatigueMethylationAutismGenetic Mutations

Please join us each week as we discuss common medical conditions with Dr. Stewart on how we may come about having these issues and conditions and his medical experience on how he helps his patients. This show is designed to help individuals, family members or friends support for a medical condition they may be facing today and support them with Dr. Stewart's expertise on their road to recovery.

Neurobiologix CEO, Kara Stewart-Mullens tells you what to look for when choosing a nutritional brand.  She discusses with 2 pharmacists the following:

*What questions can you ask your supplier to have peace of mind for good quality nutrition
*What does cGMP mean in the supplement world
*What does Pharmaceutical Grade mean to you
*How to look for synthetics in your "natural" products
*What steps does Neurobiologix use to ensure purity and quality

Special guest, Kendal Stewart, MD, will discuss with the show hosts today's medical issues that may be caused by a methylation deficiency, what is methylation and how can we can overcome these types of neuro-immune disorders.  He also discusses the genetic component to methylation, the correlation between hormones and how methylation issues may affect how they work.

For more information on methylation products please visit www.neurobiologix.com or call (866)500-5388.
To apply for a professional account please register at www.DRneurobiologix.com or call (866)500-5388.

Dr. Stewart presented to a group of parents in August of 2010 explaining the main concerns he sees in clinic daily and what he is doing to treat these Neuro-Immune Disorders.  Throughout the speech, Dr. Stewart will discuss, diet, the compounded Cream, and genetic predispositions some patients have.

November 18, 2010

Episode #8 - Viruses

Dr. Stewart and Lisa discuss viruses and their effect on children in the Spectrum. As always you can submit your questions for next months Podcast by sending them to questions@drkendalstewart.com.

October 5, 2010

Episode #7 - Vision Therapy

Dr. Stewart and Lisa welcome special guest Dr. Mary McMains from the Vision Learning Center of Champions and discuss vision evaluations and treatment for children on the Spectrum. As always you can submit your questions for next months Podcast by sending them to questions@drkendalstewart.com.

Dr. Stewart and Lisa discuss dietary intervention and nutritional supplements. As always you can submit your questions for next months Podcast by sending them to questions@drkendalstewart.com.

September 28, 2010

Episode #5 - Vaccines

Dr. Stewart and Lisa discuss vaccines, current vaccine schedules and answer questions from listeners. As always you can submit your questions for next months Podcast by sending them to questions@drkendalstewart.com

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